About IYK

IYK bridges the physical and digital worlds by using NFC and blockchain technology.

By tokenizing physical items and IRL experiences, we are building the tools necessary for brands, companies, and creators alike to deliver new, innovative experiences to their fans. For the very first time, our tech allows companies to verify and reward fandom across the entire spectrum of customer and user engagement. For example, imagine getting airdropped a concert ticket or NFT from your favorite artist for owning merch from their previous tour, receiving early access to an exclusive product drop from a D2C brand based on your past purchasing history, or winning a sneak peek at a luxury brand’s upcoming collection for visiting one of their pop-up locations. All of these experiences—and more—are made possible with IYK.

Using our technology, we are unlocking entirely new experiences that combine the tangible joy of physical items with the unique benefits and utility of the digital world.

Our Team

IYK is a global team of builders, developers, designers, and operators passionate about building the future of consumer crypto. Our team members are currently based in Portland, New York City, Vancouver, Toronto, Mexico City, London, and Auckland, and bring a wealth of experiences from their time at Gemini, DCG, Deloitte, Nike, and more.

We are also backed by a team of amazing investors, including POAP, gmoney, Palm Tree Crew, and Lattice Capital.

Open Roles

Interested in joining the team? Check out our open roles below:

Senior Frontend Engineer (Full-time)


Learn more about IYK at www.iyk.app or on Twitter at @__iyk, or reach out to us at [email protected] with any questions.