The IYK Card unlocks the wwworld, allowing you to curate, showcase, and distribute your digital identity with a single tap of your phone—no app required. Each Card is embedded with an NFC chip and can be configured to:

✷ Show off your on-chain identity ✸ Share your contact details with a single tap ✺ Collect & display digital collectibles ✦ Display your favorite links

Please note that this guide is only applicable to the IYK Card V2 (released in April 2023). If you have an older version of the IYK Card (V1 or V1.1), please click here.


① Getting Started

Creating a new Card / Editing an existing one

Editing modules

② Web3 Profile

Setting up your Web3 Profile

③ POAPs on your Card

Create a new POAP event or “drop”

Distributing POAPs